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PowerCore SunCruiser: A heart of steel

PowerCore SunCruiser
The newest successor of the SolarCar family of the Bochum University of Applied Sciences: The "PowerCore SunCruiser" in front of the head department of ThyssenKrupp in Essen, Germany. (To zoom: click on the picture!)

PowerCore SunCruiser - the name says it all. The powerful heart which is the motor of the electric vehicle symbolises the biggest innovation. Within the scope of the research cooperation with ThyssenKrupp, a drive concept is developed which uses the electrical steel "PowerCore" inside a wheel hub motor of a solar car for the very first time.

In autumn, the SunCruiser is going to prove in Australia if it is also competitive in an international contest. The World Solar Challenge 2013, the world championship for solar cars, starts on the 6th of October in Darwin and leads over 3,000 kilometres towards the south of the continent to Adelaide.

A story of success: The Bochum University of Applied Sciences and the manufacturing of SolarCars

Since more than one decade students, employees and professors of both faculties "mechatronics and mechanical engineering" and "electrical engineering and informatics" develop and manufacture cars that drive with the energy of the sun only. It's a project which shines a light on all aspects of an engineer's job: teamwork, project management, intercultural perspectives and last but not least the fascination of recent technologies.

Mad Dog, HansGo!, SolarWorld No.1, BOcruiser, SolarWorld GT and - since 2013 - PowerCore SunCruiser are the solar cars that were brought from development to road use.

The building of those examples par excellence of energy efficiency is merely possible with the lasting and enthusiastic support by our sponsors and friends. Thank you all!

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