Viele Persönlichkeiten. Zwei Standorte. Eine BO.


- Zugang zu Architektur Videodatenbank

"OnArchitecture is an audiovisual archive of architecture online, founded in 2012 by chilean architects Felipe De Ferrari and Diego Grass along with psychologist Claudio Mesa. It offers a deep and detailed panorama of the world’s main authors, works, experiences and issues related to the field of architecture.
OnArchitecture allows you to explore all its content through various search methods. Its catalogue is carefully indexed, linked and segmented in order to facilitate its usage. All of the links between different authors and works have been evidenced in order to stimulate the comprehension and assimilation of the material." Quelle

Ab sofort hat die Hochschule Bochum einen Zugang zur Datenbank "OnArchitecture"!



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