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For students arriving from abroad: Quarantine Regulations

International Office

Please be advised that there are QUARANTINE REGULATIONS in place for a lot of students arriving from abroad!

A list of countries affected by the quarantine regulations can be found here.

After your arrival in Germany:

  • immediately contact your local public health authority (Gesundheitsamt) and inform them about your arrival from a risk area. Students, who live in Bochum, must contact Gesundheitsamt Bochum: 0234 910 – 5555 or fill out an online form
  • You are obligated to be tested for a COVID-19 infection within 72 hours after arrival. Currently a coronavirus testing is offered in the most of airports in Germany. Doctors who carry out tests in Bochum can be found at
  • As an alternative, you can provide a confirmation about test for COVID-19 with the negative result, that was carried out within 48 hours before your arrival in Germany in one of these countries.
  • The negative test result must be provided to the local public health authority of your place of residence. You must stay in home quarantine, until you receive a negative result.

Guidelines for home quarantine:

  • Do not leave the place, where you self-isolate. Stay in a separate room.
  • Limit contact with other people – no visits are allowed during this period.
  • Household or family members should stay in another room or maintain a distance of at least one to two meters.
  • Minimize the usage of shared rooms such as bathroom and kitchen. These rooms should be cleaned and aired regularly.
  • Ask family members, acquaintances or friends for help with shopping or arrange for grocery delivery. You can find a list of online grocery providers in Bochum here
  • Follow the instructions of the local public health authority.