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Sustainable Technologies Laboratory

Main areas of research

  • Development and evaluation of sustainable concepts for mobility sharing
  • Sustainability analysis and evaluation of technical products and services
  • Circular economy and ecodesign with focus on mobility
  • Development of criteria and indicators for the evaluation of sustainability effect
  • Development of a blockchain-based token model for impact investors using the example of renewable energy




Winter semester 2022/2023

To participate in the lectures, or for further information please send an email to jaron.schuenemann[at] The lectures are held in German.

Scenario Technique
Master Applied Sustainability / Master Sustainable Development
Monday from 3 to 6 pm

Bachelor Sustainable Development
Tuesday from 8 to 12 am / C5-07

Summer semester 2023

Approaches and methods of sustainability science
Master Applied Sustainability

Sustainabile Technologies
Master Sustainable Development

Summer and winter semester

Projectstudy BObby E-Scooter Sharing
for Bachelor and Master Sustainable Development, Master Applied Sustainability and other study programms with project studies.
Project manager: Jaron Schünemann (jaron.schuenemann[at]
Project introduction:


Projectstudy Sustainable Energy Impact
for Bachelor and Master Sustainable Development, Master Applied Sustainability and other study programms with project studies.
Project manager: Lukas Sturm (lukas.sturm[at]
Project introduction:


Research and development


  • Methods and performance indicators for the improvement of product characteristics under sustainability criteria
  • Technology evaluation under criteria of sustainability
  • Assessment of sustainability effects through novel sharing concepts
  • Scenario development for sustainable mobility solutions
  • Consulting for environmentally and socially compatible vehicles along the product development process
  • Life cycle assessments


  • Laboratory with scenario software and IT equipment for sustainability and life cycle assesment
  • Workshop area with lifting platform for two-wheelers
  • A load wheel for testing battery change procedures in sharing systems
  • Three e-scooters as demonstrators for sharing applications
  • Battery changing and charging station


Extract from the list of publications


Severengiz, Semih (Hrsg.) (2022) Proceedings of the smart:sustainable Symposium 2021 - Blockchain and Decentralized Finance, smart:sustainable Symposium 01.07.2021 at Bochum University of Applied Sciences (Sustainable Technologies Laboratory), Cuvillier Verlag. ISBN: 9783736966093. URL: 


  • Nikolic, M., Schelte, N., Velenderic, M., Adjei, F., Severengiz, S., “Life Cycle Assessment of Sodium-Nickel-Chloride Batteries”, IRES 2022 – 16th International Renewable Energy Storage Conference (IRES) 20-22th September 2022. Presented. Preprint:
  • Schneider, S., Velenderic, M., Staib, M., Küpper, E., Severengiz, S., The Potential of Hydrogen-based Storage Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa”, IRES 2022 – 16th International Renewable Energy Storage Conference (IRES) 20-22th September 2022. Presented.
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  • Schünemann, J.,Finke, S., Severengiz, S., Schelte, N., Gandhi, S., „Life Cycle Assessment on Electric Cargo Bikes for the Use-Case of Urban Freight Transportation in Ghana”, LCE 2022 – 29th CIRP Conference on Life Cycle Engineering, Leuven, 4-6 April 2022. DOI:

  • Stinder, A., Finke, S., Velenderic, M., Severengiz, S., “A generic GHG-LCA model of a smart mini grid for decision making using the example of the Don Bosco mini grid in Tema, Ghana“, CIRP Conference on Life Cycle Engineering, Leuven, 4-6 April 2022. DOI:
  • Finke, S., Velenderic, M., Severengiz, S., Fortkort, M., Schelte, N., Pankov, O., “A Distributed Ledger Based Ecosystem as an Approach to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Shared Mobility by Incentivizing Users”, IEEE European Technology & Engineering Management Summit, Bilbao, 9-11 March 2022. DOI:

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  • Finke, S., Velenderic, M., Severengiz, S., Pankov, O., Baum, C., “Transition towards a Full Self-Sufficiency Through PV Systems Integration for Sub-Saharan Africa. - A Technical Approach for a Smart, Decentralized, Blockchain-Based Mini-Grid", Renewable Energy and Environmental Sustainability, vol. 7, no. 8, January 2022. DOI:

  • Fortkort, M., Finke, S., Severengiz, S., „Blockchain-Based Consumer Stock Ownership Plans (CSOP) As a Catalyst For Impact Investments in Sustainable Energy Infrastructure”, Renewable Energy and Environmental Sustainability, vol. 6, no. 43, 3 November 2021. DOI: 

  • Guenther, L., Scholz, T., Pautzke, F., Fechtner, H., Schmuelling, B., Schelte, N., Severengiz, S., Hinz, M., Bracke, S., „Reliability Engineering of Electric Vehicle Powertrains: Data Collection and Analysis Based on Products in the Usage Phase” , 31st European Safety and Reliability Conference, Angers, 19-23 September 2021. DOI:
  • Finke, S., Schelte, N., Severengiz, S., Fortkort, M., Kähler, F., “Can battery swapping stations make micromobility more environmentally sustainable?” Life Cycle Management Conference LCM, Stuttgart, 5-8 September 2021. DOI:

  • Schelte, N., Severengiz, S., Schünemann, J., Finke, S., Bauer, O., Metzen, M., “Life Cycle Assessment on Electric Moped Scooter Sharing,” Sustainability, vol. 13, no. 15, p. 8297, July 2021. DOI:

  • Stinder, A., Schelte, S., Severengiz, S., „Mixed Methods in der Transformationsforschung zu urbanen Mobilitätssystemen am Beispiel geteilter Mikromobilität: Auswahl, Anwendung und Reflexion“, Frühjahrstagung DGS 2021, Jülich, 18-19 June 2021. Presentation and Video (Mobilität analysieren). URL:;jsessionid=4C8226427851A4A7F57DAA618918CD91
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Other publications

  • Severengiz, Severengiz; Schelte, Nora; “Umweltbilanz von E-Scootern“; Kommunalpolitische Blätter, November 2021.
  • Lackner, Jascha; Wendt, Norman; Siegmund, Stefan; Schelte, Nora; Severengiz, Semih [Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH], dena-STUDIE „E-Scooter-Sharing – eine ganzheitliche Bilanz“, Juni 2021. URL:
  • Schuenemann, J., Finke, S., Severengiz, S., Forrister, H., „Recycle or reuse? A life-cycle-assessment-based model to evaluate end-of-life decisions for photovoltaic panels", Conference for Product Lifetimes and the Environment (PLATE), Limmerick, 26-28 May 2021. URL:


List of bachelor and master theses

  • Schünemann, Jaron: Model to determine the environmental relief potential of multimodal sharing systems with light electric vehicles considering novel battery swapping and charging infrastructure, master thesis, August 2022.
  • Fortkort, Martin: Adaption of the Design Thinking Method for Applied Research on the Example of the Design Process of a Solar-Powered Cargo Bike, master thesis, July 2022.
  • Stinder, Ann Karthrin Lydia: Analyse, Bewertung und Gestaltung nachhaltiger Betriebsmodelle von LEV-Sharingdienstleisternunter Berücksichtigung neuartigerEnergieversorgungskonzepte, master thesis, June 2022.
  • Litzba, Meiko: Konzeptioneller Vergleichunter Nachhaltigkeitsaspekten von zwei netzunabhängigen Solarladestationen, bachelor thesis, April 2022.
  • Lingott, Aileen: Untersuchung ökologischer und ökonomischer Recyclingmöglichkeiten für eine textile Kreislaufwirtschaft, master thesis, January 2022.
  • Stommel, Jannik: Untersuchung der Nutzerakzeptanz für Light Electric Vehicles und Lade-Hubs in Düsseldorf als Beitrag für eine nachhaltige Verkehrswende, master thesis, August 2021.
  • Lange, Nikolas: Development and testing of a DC/DC charging concept in a solar charging station for the energy supply of light electric vehicles in sharing operation, bachelor thesis, July 2021.
  • Fastabend, Yannik: Analyse des Energieertrags und der Energieeffizienzeinermodularen Off-Grid SolarladestationfürLight-Electric-Vehicles, bachelor thesis, April 2021.

  • Weißweiler, Erik: Erstellung eines Bewertungsschemas zur Nachhaltigkeitsbeurteilung der Fahrweise mit Elektrofahrzeugen am Beispiel von Elektromotorrollern, bachelor thesis, January 2021.

  • Thomas, Marcel: Untersuchung von Maßnahmen zur Implementierung einer nachhaltigen, innerbetrieblichen Mobilitätsstrategie am Beispiel eines kommunalen Unternehmens, master thesis, January 2021.

  • Kähler, Ferdinand: Ökobilanz zur Untersuchung der Auswirkungen des Sharings von Elektrorollern in Abhängigkeit der Betriebsart, master thesis, October 2020.

  • Genç, Caner: Development and implementation of a data logging system for continuing research of shared vehicle use, bachelor thesis, October 2020.
  • Ferkinghoff, Pascal: Lebenszyklusanalyse von stationären Stromspeichern als Teil eines Mini-Grids am Beispiel des Don Bosco Mini-Grids, bachelor thesis, September 2020.
  • Dicke, Alina: Potenzialanalyse von Blockchain in einem E-Scooter Sharingsystem, bachelor thesis, July 2020.
  • Schünemann, Jaron: Development of a model to assess the sustainability of business models for a second life cycle of photovoltaic panels in Germany, bachelor thesis, March 2020.
  • Schelte, Nora: Lebenszyklusanalyse zur Beurteilung von Sharing-Diensten mit elektrifizierten Stehrollern, bachelor thesis, January 2020.
  • Heyer, Carina: Nachhaltigkeitsbewertung von Shared Mobility; Betrachtung des e-Scootersharings im Vergleich zu anderen Verkehrsmitteln, master thesis, April 2019.

Educational projects

Third-party funded projects


Frederick Adjei

Research Associate
MoNaL: Mobility for Sub-Saharan Africa - sustainable thought through the life cycle (BMU, Export Initiative Environment)

Room: D3-04a

Alicia Altendeitering

Research Assosiate
Research Project Sustainable Energy EDucation (SEED)

Room: D3-04a

Oskar Bauer

Research Associate
Research Project Smart City Sustainable Mobility I

Room: D3-04

Désirée Rottmann, M. Sc.  

Research Assosiate
Research Project Smart City Sustainable Mobility I

Raum: D3-04

Jaron Schünemann

Research Associate
Research Project Smart City Sustainable Mobility II

Room: D3-04

Thomas Spelten

Research Associate

Room: D3-04

Lukas Sturm

Research Associate
Sustainable Energy Impact (SEI)

Room: D3-04a

Alina Dicke

Research Assistant
Research Project Smart City Sustainable Mobility

Room: D3-08

Lena Fuhg

Research Assistant
QVM funding

Room: D3-08

Malte Hingst

Research Assistant
Research Project UpTrain

Room: D3-08

Elisa Ormanin

Research Assisstant
Research Project UpTrain, QVM funding

Room: D3-08

Hermann Straßberger

Student Assistant
Research Project Smart City Sustainable Mobility II

Room: D3-08

Semih Severengiz
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Semih Severengiz
Fachbereich Elektrotechnik und Informatik
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