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Sustainable Technologies Laboratory

Main areas of research

  • Development and evaluation of sustainable concepts for mobility sharing
  • Sustainability analysis and evaluation of technical products and services
  • Development of criteria and indicators for the evaluation of sustainability effect
  • Development of a blockchain-based token model for impact investors using the example of renewable energy



Sustainable technologies in Africa

In November, the Lab's researchers were in Ghana to advance research and get an idea of the projects being implemented on the ground. In our new video, we take you to Ghana and give you an insight into the project implementation and our research trip. You can find the article about the trip here.


Proceedings of the smart:sustainable symposium

On 1 July 2021, the Laboratory for Sustainability in Technology (LNT) hosted the smart:sustainable digital symposium on Blockchain & Decentralised Finance - Opportunities for Sustainable Development. The event included presentations and workshops by students and experts from around the world. Speakers from the University of Groningen (NL), Siemens Energy and Grassroots Economics, as well as the Dutch Central Bank were among the participants. A conference volume containing contributions from the students and experts has now been produced for the event and published by Cuvillier Verlag. The editor is the head of the Laboratory for Sustainability in Technology, Prof. Dr. Semih Severengiz. The e-book can be downloaded free of charge at the following link and is also available as a print edition: Please click here.



Germany tour video

After the successful completion of our tour across Germany, we have summarized the best moments in a video on our YouTube channel. Watch the video here.



Please note that the current lectures take place exclusively online via blue jeans.
To participate in the lectures, or for further information about the Software Bluejeans please send an email to nora.schelte(at)

Winter semester 2021/2022

To participate in the lectures, or for further information please send an email to nora.schelte(at)

Power generation, distribution and networks
Bachelor of Sustainable Development, specialisation in Engineering Sciences
Wednesday from 4 to 7 pm (tentatively)


Applied transdisciplinary sustainability research
Master Applied Sustainability
Thursday from 9 am  to 12 pm


Scenario Technique
Master Applied Sustainability / Master Sustainable Development
Monday from 3 to 6 pm

Summer and winter semester 2020/2021

Project study BObby E-Scooter Sharing
Bachelor and Master Sustainable Development, Master Applied Sustainability
Kick-off: 05.10.2021, 1 pm, Room: D3-08
Contact person: Ann Kathrin Stinder (ann.stinder(at)
Project presentation:


Project study Sustainable Energy Impact
Bachelor and Master Sustainable Development, Master Applied Sustainability
Kick-off: 05.10.2021, 12 pm, Room D3-08
Contact person: Frederick Adjei (Frederick.Adjei(at) und Christin Hömmeke (christin.hoemmeke(at)
Project presentation:



Invitation to tender for theses

Evaluation of the environmental impact of the IT infrastructure of sharing services (german)

Development of a concept for integrating sustainability projects into sustainability reporting

Use of game theoretical approaches in the definition of impact investment tokens

Interface analysis and sustainability assessment of sharing services and energy supply concepts in the sense of a platform economy.

Sustainability assessment of novel mobility and energy services and token-based incentive schemes for sustainable mobility behavior.

Research and development


  • Methods and performance indicators for the improvement of product characteristics under sustainability criteria
  • Technology evaluation under criteria of sustainability
  • Assessment of sustainability effects through novel sharing concepts
  • Scenario development for sustainable mobility solutions
  • Consulting for environmentally and socially compatible vehicles along the product development process
  • Life cycle assessments


  • Laboratory with scenario software and IT equipment for sustainability and life cycle assesment
  • Workshop area with lifting platform for two-wheelers
  • A load wheel for testing battery change procedures in sharing systems
  • Three e-scooters as demonstrators for sharing applications
  • Battery changing and charging station


Extract from the list of publications

  • Adjei, F., Cimador, T., Severengiz, S., “Electrically powered micro mobility vehicles in Ghana: transition process with focus on social acceptance”, LCE 2022 – 29th CIRP Conference on Life Cycle Engineering, Leuven, 4-6 April 2022. Abstract accepted.
  • Schünemann, J., Finke, S., Severengiz, S., Schelte, N., Gandhi, S., „Life Cycle Assessment on Electric Cargo Bikes for the Use-Case of Urban Freight Transportation in Ghana”, CIRP Conference on Life Cycle Engineering, Leuven, 4-6 April 2022. Abstract accepted.
  • Stinder, A., Finke, S., Velenderic, M., Severengiz, S., “A generic life cycle assessment model of a smart mini grid for decision making using the example of the Don Bosco mini grid in Tema, Ghana“, CIRP Conference on Life Cycle Engineering, Leuven, 4-6 April 2022. Abstract accepted.
  • Finke, S., Severengiz, S., Schelte, N., “Could battery swapping stations make micromobility more environmentally sustainable? A comparative LCA study with shared electric scooters and electric mopeds.” Life Cycle Management Conference LCE, Stuttgart, 5-8 September 2021. Paper accepted.
  • Schelte, N., Severengiz, S., Schünemann, J., Finke, S., Bauer, O., Metzen, M., “Life Cycle Assessment on Electric Moped Scooter Sharing,” Sustainability, vol. 13, no. 15, p. 8297, Jul. 2021. DOI:

  • Finke, S., Velenderic, M., Severengiz, S., Pankov, O., Baum, C., “Transition towards a Full Self-Sufficiency Through PV Systems Integration for Sub-Saharan Africa. - A Technical Approach for a Smart, Decentralized, Blockchain-Based Mini-Grid", Renewable Energy and Environmental Sustainability, vol. 7, no. 8, 6 Januar 2022. DOI:
  • Stinder, A., Schelte, S., Severengiz, S., „Mixed Methods in der Transformationsforschung zu urbanen Mobilitätssystemen am Beispiel geteilter Mikromobilität: Auswahl, Anwendung und Reflexion“, Frühjahrstagung DGS 2021, Jülich, 18-19 June 2021. (Abstract + Presentation) Video (Mobilität analysieren) online verfügbar:;jsessionid=4C8226427851A4A7F57DAA618918CD91
  • Schuenemann, J., Finke, S., Severengiz, S., Forrister, H., „Recycle or reuse? A life-cycle-assessment-based model to evaluate end-of-life decisions for photovoltaic panels", Conference for Product Lifetimes and the Environment (PLATE), Limmerick, 26-28 May 2021.
  • Bertassini, A., Ometto, A., Severengiz, S., Gerolamo, M., “Circular economy and sustainability: The role of organizational behaviour in the transition journey, Business Strategy and the Environment”, Business Strategy and the Environment 2021, 25 April 2021. DOI:
  • Finke, S., Velenderic, M., Severengiz, S., „ Assessing an autonomous real-time power price algorithm for solar community-grids with battery storage​“, 9th European conference on renewable energy systems (ECRES), Istanbul, 21-23 April 2021.  
  • Wittek, K., Finke, S., Schelte, N., Pohlmann, N., Severengiz, S., „Shape a Crypto-Token Based Incentivization Scheme for Sustainable Light Electric Vehicle Sharing", IEEE European Technology & Engineering Management Summit, Dortmund, 18-20 March 2021.
  • Schelte, N., Straßberger, H., Severengiz, S., Finke, S., Felmingham, B., „Environmental impact of off-grid solar charging stations for urban micromobility services", IEEE European Technology & Engineering Management Summit, Dortmund, 18-20 March 2021. 10.1109/E-TEMS51171.2021.9524891.
  • Severengiz, S., Schelte, N., & Bracke, S., „Analysis of the environmental impact of e-scooter sharing services considering product reliability characteristics and durability”, Procedia CIRP 2020, 96, pp. 181–188. DOI:  
  • Severengiz, S., Finke, S., Schelte, N., & Wendt, N., „Life Cycle Assessment on the Mobility Service E-Scooter Sharing”, IEEE European Technology & Engineering Management Summit, Dortmund, 5-7 March 2020, pp. 1-6. DOI: 
  • Severengiz, S., Finke, S., Schelte, N., & Forrister, H., „Assessing the Environmental Impact of Novel Mobility Services using Shared Electric Scooters as an Example”, Procedia Manufacturing 2020, 43, pp. 80–87. DOI: 
  • Severengiz, S., "Using the Sharing Economy Approach to Provide Sustainable Mobility", 16th Global Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing, Lexington Kentucky, USA, 2‑4 October 2018. (Abstract + Presentation) 
  • Severengiz, S., Gausemeier, P., Seliger, G., Pereira, F.A., „Approach for Integration of Sustainability Aspects into Innovation Processes", In: Hesselbach, J., Herrmann, C. (Eds.), Glocalized Solutions for Sustainability in Manufacturing, Proceedings of the 18th CIRP International Conference on Life Cycle Engineering, Technische Universität Braunschweig, Braunschweig, 2-4 May 2011, pp. 431‑436. DOI: 
  • Severengiz, S., Bach, G., Bilge, P., Seliger, G., „Roadmap for end-of-life strategies", In: LCE 2010, Proceedings of the 17th CIRP International Conference on Life Cycle Engineering, China, 19-21 May 2010, pp. 358-364. ISBN: 978-7565001864 
  • Severengiz, S., Widera, H., Seliger, G., Saavedra, Y.M.B., Ometto, A.R., Barquet, A.P., Forcellini, F.A., „Scenarios for the Remanufacturing of Machine Tools and Assembly Equipment", In: Proceedings of the 7th Global Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing -Sustainable Product Development and Life Cycle Engineering, Shunmugam, M. S.; Ramesh Babu, N. [Ed.], Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai, India, pp. 213-218, Chennai, 2-4 December 2009. 


List of bachelor and master theses

  • Stommel, Jannik: Untersuchung der Nutzerakzeptanz für Light Electric Vehicles und Lade-Hubs in Düsseldorf als Beitrag für eine nachhaltige Verkehrswende, Masterarbeit, August 2021.
  • Lange, Nikolas: Development and testing of a DC/DC charging concept in a solar charging station for the energy supply of light electric vehicles in sharing operation, Bachelorarbeit, Juli 2021.
  • Fastabend, Yannik: Analyse des Energieertrags und der Energieeffizienzeinermodularen Off-Grid SolarladestationfürLight-Electric-Vehicles, Bachelorarbeit, April 2021.

  • Weißweiler, Erik: Erstellung eines Bewertungsschemas zur Nachhaltigkeitsbeurteilung der Fahrweise mit Elektrofahrzeugen am Beispiel von Elektromotorrollern, Bachelorarbeit, Januar 2021.

  • Thomas, Marcel: Untersuchung von Maßnahmen zur Implementierung einer nachhaltigen, innerbetrieblichen Mobilitätsstrategie am Beispiel eines kommunalen Unternehmens, Masterarbeit, Januar 2021.

  • Kähler, Ferdinand: Ökobilanz zur Untersuchung der Auswirkungen des Sharings von Elektrorollern in Abhängigkeit der Betriebsart, Masterarbeit, Oktober 2020.

  • Genç, Caner: Development and implementation of a data logging system for continuing research of shared vehicle use, Bachelorarbeit, Oktober 2020.
  • Ferkinghoff, Pascal: Lebenszyklusanalyse von stationären Stromspeichern als Teil eines Mini-Grids am Beispiel des Don Bosco Mini-Grids, Bachelorarbeit, September 2020.
  • Dicke, Alina: Potenzialanalyse von Blockchain in einem E-Scooter Sharingsystem, Bachelorarbeit, Juli 2020.
  • Schünemann, Jaron: Erstellung eines Modells zur Bewertung der Nachhaltigkeit von Geschäftsmodellen für einen zweiten Lebenszyklus von Photovoltaikmodulen in Deutschland, Bachelorarbeit, März 2020.
  • Schelte, Nora: Lebenszyklusanalyse zur Beurteilung von Sharing-Diensten mit elektrifizierten Stehrollern, Bachelorarbeit, Januar 2020.
  • Heyer, Carina: Nachhaltigkeitsbewertung von Shared Mobility; Betrachtung des e-Scootersharings im Vergleich zu anderen Verkehrsmitteln, Masterarbeit, April 2019.



Completed projects and events

Semih Severengiz
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Semih Severengiz
Fachbereich Elektrotechnik und Informatik
Campus Bochum
Am Hochschulcampus 1
44801 Bochum
Room: D 3-03
Phone: +49 234 32 10328

Consultation hours

Consultation hours are exclusively by telephone for an indefinite period

Every Tuesday 4pm - 5 pm.
Please request via E-Mail.


Due to the current measures taken by Covid-19, the lecture will take place exclusively online via Zoom.
To participate in the lectures please send an email to nora.schelte(at)


Frederick Adjei

Academic assistant
MoNaL: Mobility for Sub-Saharan Africa - sustainable thinking over the life cycle (BMU, Exportinitiative Umwelt)
Project management Sustainable Energy Impact
Room: D3-04a
Phone: 0234 - 32 10384

Leonie Bornfeld-Biessey

Academic assistant
Research project UpTrain
Room: D3-04
Phone: 0234 - 32 10317

Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Finke

Academic assistant
Research project Smart City Sustainable Mobility (BMBF, FH-Impuls)
Room: D3-04a
Phone: 0234 - 32 10344

Oskar Bauer

Graduate assistant
DIG-20-16 (Digital learning tool to teach blockchain technology on the example of solar power generation)
Raum: D3-08

Alina Dicke

Graduate assistant
Research project Smart City Sustainable Mobility (BMBF, FH-Impuls)
Room: D3-08

Rebecca Merklin

Graduate assistant
MoNaL: Mobility for Sub-Saharan Africa - sustainable thinking over the life cycle (BMU, Exportinitiative Umwelt)

Room: D3-08

Alicia Altendeitering

Graduate assistant
QVM - Lectures on risk and sensitivity analysis (Monte Carlo)

Room: D3-08

Desiree Rottmann

Graduate assistant
Research project Smart City Sustainable Mobility (BMBF, FH-Impuls)

Room: D3-08

Jaron Schünemann

Graduate assistant
QVM - Lectures on risk and sensitivity analysis (Monte Carlo)

Room: D3-08

Erik Weißweiler

Graduate assistant
Digitization of teaching content
Room: D3-08

Hermann Straßberger

Student assistant
Research project Smart City Sustainable Mobility (BMBF, FH-Impuls)
Room: D3-08

Pauline Feller

Student assistant

Research project UpTrain

pauline.feller(a)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Room: D3-08


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Fill it up, please! - Battery changing and charging station

The BObby Sharing Team is researching in the field of "Battery-as-a-service" to provide battery management for the e-scooters. In this context the new battery charging cabinet "Swobbee" has been delivered and installed in front of the D3 building. The empty batteries of the scooter can be exchanged with the loaded batteries from the cabinet. There are six slots for the Kumpan-battery and two slots for greenpack-batteries available for this purpose.


e-Scooter Sharing in Bochum

The e-scooters from the project study are on the road in Bochum. The video shows the 1954 Ri from e-bility in Remagen and the N-Series from Niu. Further information can be found on the project website:


Test event by the Bobby Sharing Team

The Bobby Sharing Team organized a test event on 29.10.2019 for all students and employees of the University of Bochum.