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Sustainable Energy Impact

Bringing Power to the People

What is the project study "Sustainable Energy Impact" about?

The project study deals with the analysis and development of impact token models, which are used to finance projects with socially and ecologically positive effects (“impact”). The project team develops performance indicators that make the non-financial effects of the project (e.g. kWh solar power) tangible for impact-oriented investors. The goal is to develop a blockchain-based crowd investment token model for the implementation of energy infrastructure projects.

Further information on the Siemens AG project in Senegal can be found at

Who can participate?

Our project is aimed at all students of the Bochum University of Applied Sciences. Since the project study is strongly related to sustainability, the project team is made up of students from the master's program "Applied Sustainability" and the master's and bachelor's program "Sustainable Development". Especially in the context of token modeling and blockchain technology, there is interest in establishing interfaces to disciplines such as computer science or business administration. 


How can I participate?

Joining the project team is possible at the beginning of each semester. If you would like to have an insight into our work, please feel free to come to our project meeting (for more information please contact Frederick Adjei, see below). 


Do I need certain previous knowledge?

No, previous knowledge is required to enter the project. However, the interest in blockchain technology, green finance, smart off-grid systems and in renewable energies are advantageous. In addition, you should be ready to familiarize yourself with the topics mentioned above. 


Do you have further questions?

Then feel free to contact us! 

Contact project management