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Tasks and Teams

The work in the project study is dynamic and our teams regularly change their composition depending on the question and they work closely together.

The project study can be divided into four work areas:


Token model design

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The design of the token model deals with the fundamental questions about the structure and functioning of the token model. Depending on the scenario, it is possible that the infrastructure project will be financed by donors or by investors. The infrastructure project may later become owned by the local community or may remain in permanent ownership by the investors. These and other factors must be taken into account when designing the token model in order to develop the best possible model. 


Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

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An important task in the project study is the development of KPIs. Suitable KPIs make it possible for investors to understand the positive impact of their investment as precisely as possible. During development, the conditions on site, the measurability of the indicators and permanent monitoring must be taken into account.


Impact investors

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Impact investors represent a central target group because they use their capital to finance infrastructure projects. Impact investors are identified and analyzed in the area of responsibility. It also examines what motivates impact investors to invest in sustainable projects. The resulting knowledge is used to adapt the impact token model as best as possible to the needs and wishes of later impact investors. 


Stakeholder & SDGs

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In addition to impact investors, there are other stakeholders who are interested in the implementation of an impact token model or the resulting infrastructure projects. In this area of responsibility, possible stakeholders are identified who have an influence or relevance on the project study. Another task is to link the project study with the SDGs.