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Welcome to the International Office

Quarantine Regulations for students arriving from non-EU countries

Please be advised that there are QUARANTINE REGULATIONS in place for most students arriving from non-EU countries! During quarantine, students are obligated to stay at home for 14 days. Please note that there are no exceptions. No visitors are allowed during this period. Arranging for grocery delivery and items of personal use is strongly advised! A list of countries affected by the quarantine regulations can be found here.

IMPORTANT! Please see the guidelines for home quarantine

What are the services and tasks of the International Office?

International Office

Advice and support for international students

The International Office is tasked with advising and supporting exchange students from our partner universities as well as regularly enrolled international students and with their admission. We also advise visiting lecturers on administrative and organisational matters. Another of our tasks is advice and support for refugees.

Advice and support for UAS_BO students and staff regarding visits abroad

We advise and assist students with everything to do with a semester or placement abroad.  Once they have been in touch with the respective international coordinator in their faculty, who can answer questions related to the specific subject, the International Office advises students on the general organisation of their stay abroad as well as on scholarships and other possible sources of funding. We not only help students but also provide university staff with advice and information on going abroad and how to finance it.

Partnerships with universities abroad

The International Office provides advice and assistance with partnership and cooperation agreements worldwide.