Many personalities. Two campuses. One UAS_BO.

International Office

Alevtyna Hnenna
Raum: C 0-16a      
Tel: +492343210724      

Departmental Coordinators

Department of Architecture
All countries Prof. Dr. Lehmann / Ms. Laura Gonzalez karin.lehmann(at) laura.gonzalez(at)

Department of Civil Engineering
All countries Prof. Dr. Kazner / Ms. Bohlmann christian.kazner(at) anja.bohlmann(at)

Department of Business and Management
China, CDHAW Prof. Dr. Merchiers (Industrial Engineering) andreas.merchiers(at)
Great Britain Mr. Sodmann edward.sodmann(at)
Netherlands Mr. Sodmann edward.sodmann(at)
Mexico Prof. Dr. Merchiers (Industrial Engineering) andreas.merchiers(at)
Other countires Mr. Simonovis alejandro.simonovis(at)

Department of Electrical Engineering and Informatics
Egypt Prof. Dr. Biesenbach rolf.biesenbach(at)
Italy Prof. Dr. Biesenbach rolf.biesenbach(at)
Jordan Prof. Dr. Biesenbach rolf.biesenbach(at)
Luxembourg Prof. Dr. Köhn carsten.koehn(at)
Turkey Prof. Dr. Bosselmann patrick.bosselmann(at)

Department of Geodesy
All countries Prof. Dr. Wytzisk

Department of Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering
China, CDHAW Prof. Dr. Schilberg daniel.schilberg(at)
India Prof. Dr. Frohn-Schauf (Mechanical Engineering) claudia.frohn-schauf(at)
India Prof. Dr. Richard (Mechatronics) tim.richard(at)
Italy Prof. Dr. Janzen friedrich.janzen(at)
Jordan Prof. Dr. Lindken ralph.lindken(at)
Mexico, MDHK Prof. Dr. Schilberg daniel.schilberg(at)
Turkey Prof. Dr. Bosselmann patrick.bosselmann(at)
Other countries Ms. Werthebach marion.werthebach(at)