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Studying can become quite chaotic – especially during this semester. All lectures will be held online. But don’t worry! The International Office of the UAS_BO is here to assist you with advice and assistance.

There is a contact person for all international students and refugees.

We’ve created the following guide to help you find assistance.

In case you have not found what you’re looking for or if you have further questions - just write us an email. We’ll be glad to help you!

Guide for Refugees and International Students

  • Technical German B2/C1

Here you’ll be able to learn the type of German, which is used in a technical course of study in Germany. Please click on this link.

  • Support DaF/DaZ

This is an offer for Bachelor’s students as well as some Master’s students. Here, students gather to discuss in German in a laid back fashion. You can find the class in moodle by looking up „DaF/DaZ“.

  • Sprachcafé of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum

The Sprachcafé is hosted by the International Office of the RUB (Ruhr-Universität Bochum). Here, Nationals and Internationals meet in a cozy atmosphere for some cultural exchange. Everyone is welcome! Click here!

Financing your Studies

Obtain assistance from the „Zentrale Studienberatung ZSB“:

Ms. Dieckmann and Mr. Spiegelberg are our experts in terms of financing your studies. You can reach them by mail: studienfinanzierung(at)

They also host events (e.g. for scholarships). Further info can be found here.

Assistance from the AStA:

You are in financial distress or have other social issues? Contact the „Sozialreferat“ at the AStA (Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss) via E-Mail. The members are students themselves. You'll find their website here.

Support in your Field of Study

Concerning your Field of Study, we advise you to seek assistance via the office hours of your lecturers and professors.


Further assistance:

Career Service

for engineers: Ms. Kujawski is our expert concerning entry into the workforce. She’ll be happy to answer your questions regarding the application process. You’ll find the Career Service for engineers via this link.

The Career Service for Business graduates can be found here.


Studium PLUS

The Studium PLUS is offered by the „Institut für Studienerfolg und Didaktik (ISD)“. They offer, among others, project management courses as well as language classes. Their programme is accessible here.

Activities and Events

We offer virtual meetings via Microsoft Teams:

1. "Open Questions & Answers":

We talk about your questions about studying, the university, life in Germany, etc. These sessions take place every two weeks in the summer on Thursday at 2.30 p.m. Next term: 30.7., 13.8., 27.8.

2. "Get-together":

We are students just like you and want to have a chat with you: What is good in Germany and - honestly, what bothers you? Let's talk - we listen and talk together! The get-together takes place over the summer every other week on Fridays at 4.30 p.m. Next term: 7.8., 21.8.

You are very welcome and will always be adressed ahead of time via email. Just click on the link in the email. We look forward to seeing you.

Unfortunately, our events and excursions for the summer semester cannot take place as planned. We are focused on offering alternatives. We'll keep you posted on this website.

Elisabeth & Yasin

Public Holidays in Germany

There will be no lectures on several days during certain weeks. This list list provides an overview (PDF).



You can contact us via welcome(at)

Please be advised: if you are not yet student of UAS_BO and if you have questions regarding admission requirements, please contact

Elisabeth & Yasin