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Head of German Mechatronics Network Visits GJU

As a follow-up to the GJU Network Heads conference held last February in Amman, Prof. Rolf Biesenbach visited GJU for an interfaculty meeting on 12/10/2017. Prof. Biesenbach has been the Head of the mechatronics engineering network of German partners since the founding of GJU in 2005.

He met with representatives of the schools of applied technical sciences, electrical engineering and information technology, as well as natural resources engineering and management and the international office.

From the GJU side, the meeting was planned and organized by Dr. Nathir Rawashdeh, mechatronics engineering Exchange Coordinator.

Topics discussed included network meetings in 2018 in Germany, joint EU funded projects, and advancing bidirectional exchange where electrical engineering students from Hochschule Bochum will choose GJU as their destination for their “international year”.

In addition to the interfaculty meeting, a meeting with the Dean, Prof. Ala’aldeen Al-Halhouli, and Vice Dean Dr. Safwan Altarazi of the School of Applied Technical Sciences was held. Here, future collaboration in the field of joint or double Master courses and degrees were discussed.


Quelle: Rawashdeh

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