Viele Persönlichkeiten. Zwei Standorte. Eine BO.

International Mechatronics Education Project - IMEP

Between 2013 and 2019, the three partner universities from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany were cooperating in this project. Mixed groups with students from the three universities worked together in the IMEP-project “Robotics and Vision” to develop different machine vision solutions and to attend lectures and exercises in robotics. Mechatronics students learnt how to act in an international team and how to use the internet for communication.

The Goals of IMEP
  • Practising English in a group
  • Working together in an international team; learning the differences in mentalities and attitudes
  • Experiencing group dynamics
  • Becoming familiar with machine vision
  • Additional training in robotics
  • Using modern communication tools
  • Training in project management
  • Presenting jointly developed solutions
  • Competing in three teams (peer evaluation)
  • Gaining credit points for the development project

The Benefits
  • Project work with 5 ECTS
  • Attestation for the Robotics Lab
  • International experience

Das IMEP 2019 ist am 23.05. in Belgien zu Ende gegangen. Hier sind einige Impressionen:

IMEP 2019

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Daniel Schilberg
Fachbereich Mechatronik und Maschinenbau
Campus Bochum
Am Hochschulcampus 1
44801 Bochum
Raum: C 1-29
Tel.: +49 234 32 10427
Fax: +49 234 32 14275

Montags 15:00 -16:00 Uhr, vorlesungsfreie Zeit n.V.

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