Many personalities. Two campuses. One UAS_BO.

About us

"Team photo of the founding team. Lenka, Lisa, and Judith are standing. Katharina and Anil are kneeling in front. In the background, there are trees and bushes
The founders service team: Lenka, Lisa, Judith, Katharina, Anil (f.l.t.r)


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Our Mission

Our goal is to enable all people in the university community to become creative and to try things out away from familiar paths and structures. This can lead to start-up projects, new products and services, or a more precise idea of what one would like to do after graduation, for example. In any case, they gain experience about themselves, about working in projects and in a team.

The following values are important to us:

[Translate to English:] Icon Vertrauen schüttelnde Hände


We handle your idea with confidence.

[Translate to English:] Icon Wertfreiheit ausgeglichene Waage

Value neutrality

We are unbiased towards your ideas

[Translate to English:] Icon Ehrlichkeit Hand auf dem Herz


We give you honest feedback and our honest assessment

[Translate to English:] Icon Empathie 2 Personen Hand auf der Schulter


We respond to your needs and offer you solutions that are right for you

[Translate to English:] Icon Transparenz zwei Sprechblasen


We communicate clearly and directly

[Translate to English:] Icon Toleranz Weltkugel


We respect the diversity of opinions, backgrounds and cultures

[Translate to English:] Icon Diversität Stern


We value the uniqueness of each individual person

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We encourage and support you to realise your idea and find your way

Our Vision

We actively work towards making our university an innovative, start-up-friendly and creative place. We  shape this place by opening up spaces that promote creativity, are inclusive and inspiring. As contact persons, we support people who want to try out new things, develop their skills or create something new.

We promote the start-up potential of Bochum University of Applied Sciences and the transfer of research and development results into entrepreneurial projects. In particular, we support social and sustainable innovations as well as technology-oriented and knowledge-intensive start-ups.

Our figures

364 Consultations  

Initial and follow-up consultations

125 Events  

Workshops & Networking events

1.391 Participants  

(Aspiring) founders

23 Startups  

University spin-offs

3 Kickstart-Teams