Many personalities. Two campuses. One UAS_BO.

The founders service team:

Lenka Mildner

After working in marketing for a medium-sized mechanical engineering company and in the online editorial department of a construction magazine, start-up coach Lenka has founded three companies over the course of time and brings expertise in the areas of social entrepreneurship and online marketing and social media, among others. With her third start-up, she completed three qualification programmes for founders and is therefore well networked in the start-up scene in NRW.


Trimonte Park, Wasserstr. 221,
Eingang West, Etage 3, 44799 Bochum
+49 1715 5233 26

Katharina Weidemann

Katharina is passionate about innovation, progress and design. A good user experience is especially close to her heart and she strives to enrich the lives of others and make full use of potential. Empathy and honesty are important values she appreciates in her interactions. She brings her expertise in entrepreneurship education and user experience design to the team, helping to shape a future of creative possibilities together and driving positive developments.

Lise-Meitner-Allee 2 Raum 8
+49 234 32 10673



Judith Wiemers

Judith is involved in the StartUpLabs project because she wants to teach people that start-ups can be as diverse as people's lives. She wants to accompany people on their own start-up journey, skilfully navigating around obstacles and barriers and learning a lot in the process. Judith has already thought through and partly implemented several start-up ideas herself. She is currently working on a structured project with her position at the university to learn more for her own start-up.

Judith has a background in engineering and business, has completed both technical and veterinary courses, and has already worked on university and company projects.

It is important to her that people working on a start-up at the university are mentored on an equal footing and accompanied in a human-centred way. She pays special attention to the personal development of the founders.

Lise-Meitner-Allee 2 Raum 8
+49 234 32 10672

Anil Yalcin

Anil is committed to the philosophy of life: "Anything is possible as long as you firmly believe in it." His positive and optimistic nature enables him to focus on the good and not be influenced by negative thoughts. Through his own experiences, Anil has realised that boundaries often exist only in our minds. He encourages others to free themselves from self-doubt and believe in their ideas and dreams, because he is deeply convinced that they can achieve the supposedly "impossible". With passion and enthusiasm, Anil not only pursues his own dreams, but is also committed to helping others realise their ideas and goals and write their own success stories. In his role as part of the StartUpLabs team, he brings this positive attitude and determination, creating an inspiring and supportive environment where everyone is encouraged to reach their full potential and believe in themselves.

Lise-Meitner-Allee 2 Raum 8
+49 234 32 10674