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BIM Institute at Bochum University of Applied Sciences

BIM Institute

At Bochum University of Applied Sciences, the departments of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Geodesy have founded an interdisciplinary institute on the topic of Building Information Modelling (BIM). In this institute, interdisciplinary study and further education programs are to be implemented as well as an application-oriented BIM research network established.


At the beginning of 2021, the BIM Institute moved into its new premises at Lise-Meitner-Allee 2. The Institute has various laboratories and facilities at its disposal to conduct optimal research and provide students with education using state-of-the-art tools.


Rooms, facilities, laboratories
  • BIM Lab: The BIM Lab is equipped with high-performance computers that allow large CAD, IFC and point cloud files to be processed. Outside of seminar hours, the BIM Lab is available for project work by students.
  • BIM Library: In addition to the BIM reference library in the BIM Lab (no lending!), the BIM category has been added to the Engineering Library at Bochum University of Applied Sciences. Numerous books and journals are available here in English and German (GCE section).
  • BIM experience room: Students are to learn how to work with virtual building models in an innovative environment. A high-resolution 98'' 3D touch monitor is available, which enables collaborative, interactive work with contemporary, technologically advanced solutions, as well as two VR glasses (HTC Vive Pro 2).

Instruments/ Devices
  • Leica RTC360 Laserscanner
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S3
  • 98'' Monitor "UltraRes UR9851-35-ERO-Touch" with 3D-Function
  • VR-headsets "HTC VIVE Pro 2" (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering)
  • AR-headsets "Microsoft HoloLens 2" (Department of Architecture)
  • MR-headsets "Meta Quest 3" (Department of Architecture)
  • MR-headsets "Meta Quest Pro" (Department of Architecture)
  • Leica BLK2GO Laserscanner

  • BIM collaboration Software
    • BIMcollab
  • CAD
    • Autodesk Revit
  • CDE
    • Dalux Box, Field, BIM Viewer
  • GIS
    • ArcGIS Pro
    • ArcGIS Map
  • Management
    • Autodesk NAVISWORKS
    • DESITE md pro
    • RIB iTWO
    • Solibri
  • Punktwolkenverarbeitung
    • PointCab
  • Tragwerksplanung
    • Autodesk ROBOT
    • mb AEC
    • SCIA
  • VR
    • Unity

Committed to sustainability and thus following the mission statement of the university, the BIM Institute is in close contact with other laboratories and facilities of Bochum University of Applied Sciences and enjoys the possibility to access existing premises and resources.


Further facilities at Bochum University of Applied Sciences


The BIM Institute of Bochum University of Applied Sciences integrates BIM directly into teaching and introduces various modules and seminars for this purpose to convey and promote BIM as a working method and application process already during studies.


Master | Fundamentals of BIM-based Collaboration | Departments A, B, G

Since 2019, the BIM Institute has been offering the module "Fundamentals of BIM-based Collaboration" for master's students in Departments A, B and G.

The module will take place each summer semester and will be offered with a new focus in the summer semester 2023.

On the one hand, the focus will be on the fundamentals of BIM methodology, and, at the same time, practical application will be covered in accompanied exercises. The primary aim is to create awareness of the tasks of the other trades in the planning process, to focus on the exchange of students from the different departments and to create an interactive exchange.

Contact person: Alea Paukstadt

Stand: Dezember 2022

Master | Interdisciplinary BIM Seminar | Departments A, B, G (UAS_BO) & Department MUG (WHS)

Since the summer semester 2019, the interdisciplinary BIM seminar has been offered for students of the departments of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Geodesy.

The seminar has been held every winter semester since 2020!

Master students of the departments B and G, as well as Bachelor students of the department A (from the 4th semester) work in mixed groups on a fictitious new construction of the A-building, with connection to the existing building infrastructure. Since winter semester 20/21, the seminar has been expanded in cooperation with the Westphalian University of Applied Sciences to include the trade of technical building equipment. Using a Common Data Environment, various BIM/CAD programs, as well as contributing and expanding your expertise, you will go through the entire planning process using the BIM method. The students are thus given a practice-oriented, realistic insight into the application of the BIM method.

Contact person: Alea Paukstadt

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Stand: Oktober 2022

Master | Sustainable Development, Applied Sustainability | Project Study | Departments B, E

Since the summer semester 2021, the BIM Institute together with the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science offers a project study on the topic of "Sustainability and BIM". Students of the master programs Applied Sustainability and Sustainable Development investigate different aspects of the BIM methodology in the context of sustainability within the scope of the study.

Contact: Prof. Anke Nellesen

Stand: Oktober 2022

Bachelor | BIM | Department G

For the first time, the module BIM will be offered as an elective module in the Department of Geodesy in the summer semester 2022. The module consists of a lecture, practical course and seminar and promotes intensive basic knowledge and application in the field of BIM in small groups.

Topics of the course include:

  • Acquisition of theoretical knowledge for the creation of a BIM as-built model as well as practical implementation (recording, modeling...)
  • Integration and referencing of different data from different data sources/formats
  • Staking out from BIM models
  • Positioning of geodesy in the BIM process - Tasks of other disciplines in the construction process
  • Excursion

Contact: Prof. Dirk Eling, Alea Paukstadt

Stand: März 2022

Bachelor | Building Information Modelling | Department A

The elective module "Building Information Modelling" will be offered for the first time in the winter semester 2023/24 for architecture students from the 3rd semester.

The module provides basic knowledge of the Building Information Modelling method, including new terminology as well as roles and responsibilities in the BIM process.

Through the practical application of modelling software and a Common Data Environment as well as the handling of new, standardized data formats in the BIM field, students gain insights into the application of the BIM method.

Contact: Prof. Sven Pfeiffer, Fatima Bakki

Stand: Oktober 2023

Bachelor | Building Information Modelling (BIM) | Department B

The students learn the theoretical basics and the handling of basic terms of the BIM method. In addition, they are then able to plan a BIM project and independently create the central documents (AIA, BAP).

In the exercise, the practical application with CAD modelling software is learned and the contents of the lecture are deepened. Central components are also the independent organization and operation of a cloud-based data exchange platform (CDE) and the handling of standardized data formats (ifc).

The module is offered in the summer semester.

Contact: Prof. Matthias Baitsch, Leonard Illerhaus

Stand: Oktober 2023

Bachelor | Fundamentals of Engineering Surveying | BIM Practical | Department G

In the lecture, the students are taught the basic idea of the BIM methodology as well as the first basics for the application of BIM. Part of the module is also the BIM practical course, in which the students learn about the processing of a point cloud to the BIM model and perform it themselves.

Contact: Prof. Dirk Eling, Alea Paukstadt

Stand: April 2021

Bachelor | Project Seminar | Departments A, B

Together with the Department of Architecture, the BIM Institute and the Institutes of Structural Engineering and Process Engineering from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering are offering the first interdisciplinary project seminar on "BIM project planning in building construction" in the summer semester of 2021.

In interdisciplinary planning teams, the students jointly develop their own designs and process concepts for a fictitious contract scenario using the BIM method. The main focus of the task is on the independent organization and coordination of the individual specialist plans, as well as the comprehensive project process. Communication, documentation, data management as well as interdisciplinary data exchange are necessary core competencies that are gained during the project work.

In addition to gaining an insight into new working methods and tools, students also gain an insight into related planning disciplines and their issues in the design and planning phase of building construction projects.

Contact: Prof. Matthias Baitsch, Prof. Sven Pfeiffer

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Stand: Oktober 2022


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