Many personalities. Two campuses. One University.

Geodesy at our University

What makes studying geodesy here so special:

  • Practical teaching and research
  • International teaching cooperation
  • Networking with regional business and administration
  • Water measurements with our own boat
  • Very good teacher to student ratio of 30-35 students per professor
  • Teaching award winners 2016, 2018 + 2019 
  • Field trips
  • Supplementary tutorials
  • Sufficient up-to-date instrumentation
  • Student jobs in the department, e.g. tutor or student/research assistant on a project
  • Excellent career prospects (only 1 applicant for every 3 vacancies)
  • Modules to qualify for a traineeship (civil service career) are highly practical and focused on the property cadastre.

*KIA degree programmes, known as "Cooperative State University" programs in Germany, combine academic studies with practical training in a company, allowing students to gain hands-on experience while earning a degree. These programs are designed to integrate theoretical learning at a university with practical application in a professional environment.

Benno Schmidt
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Benno Schmidt
Room: A 0-01A
+49 234 3210530
+49 234 32 14223
Brigitte Gundlich
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Brigitte Gundlich
Room: A 1-17