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Department of Architecture

Welcome to the Department of Architecture!

The Bachelor's degree programme at Bochum University of Applied Sciences aims to provide comprehensive, professionally qualifying training as an architect.

Within the Bachelor's degree programme, there are opportunities to specialise in specific subjects, particularly in the areas of building construction, building in existing structures, sustainable building and digital media.

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At the top - our faculty in the CHE university ranking

The Department of Architecture has been in the top group of the CHE university rankings for several years now. In order to maintain this result, we are constantly working to further improve the quality of our teaching and student support. Click here for the CHE university ranking.

Bachelor's programmes

The Bachelor's degree programme at Bochum University of Applied Sciences is an undergraduate architecture programme with the classic professional goal of becoming an architect. The 8-semester degree programme allows students to register with the Chamber of Architects after two years of professional practice. This distinguishes it significantly from 6-semester Bachelor's degree programmes, which do not fulfil the requirement for a chamber qualification. The degree programme includes application-oriented training with the aim of meeting building cultural responsibilities with extensive professional expertise. The course of study is modularised and, building on the Bachelor's degree, the "Master of Science" degree can be obtained in a 1-year consecutive Master's degree course.

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Master's programmes

The two consecutive Master's degree programmes AMM and MAE as well as the Master's degree programme StädtebauNRW are accredited and qualify students for a doctorate and a career in the senior civil service.

Matching study programme

Matching study programme

If you are a graduate of a 6 or 7 semester Bachelor's programme in Architecture and would like to apply for the Master's programmes

  • AMM Architecture Media Management or
  • MAE Architecture Project Development

you will first complete a one- or two-semester alignment programme.

Further information about the alignment programme

AMM Architecture Media Management

Under the direction of Prof Jan R. Krause, the one-year AMM Architecture Media Management Master's programme offers prospective architects professional methods for building a profile and positioning their own architectural firm. It also enables students to specialise in communication strategies, public relations, marketing and visualisation. AMM graduates go on to work as press spokespersons or editors, in marketing or advertising, as independent media service providers or freelance architects.

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Jan R. Krause

MAE Architecture Project Development

The MAE Architecture Project Development master's programme is a one-year course that enables students to initiate architectural projects. The focus of the programme, led by Prof. Xaver Egger, is on the development of sustainable solutions by architects in terms of building culture, content, aesthetics and economics as a counterpoint to the purely economically oriented professional field of project development.

Urban Development in NWR

The Master's degree programme Urban Development in NRW is run jointly by the universities of applied sciences in Bochum, Dortmund, Cologne and the University of Siegen. It lasts two years and provides access to the professional field of "urban development and urban planning". The focus of Prof. Andreas Fritzen's Master's programme is on developing sustainable solutions for the further development of cities and communities in our highly industrialised and densely populated country.

Urban Development in NRW
Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Fritzen