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Securing the future through engineering expertise: The Department of Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering focuses on personal student support, well-equipped laboratories and close partnerships with regional industry.
It is particularly important to us that you receive an excellent education in our diverse courses, with a wide range of varied and interesting development opportunities in a pleasant learning environment.
We are committed to helping students enter the workforce by providing early practical experience. We achieve this by continuously expanding our research and academic potential, many research and student projects, our interdisciplinary and dual study programmes, and our international orientation that provide students with important basic skills and are essential for our Department.

Future-proof specialisations in both majors

Mechanical Engineering

  • Design and Development
  • Production and Logistics
  • Digital Production
  • Energy and Environmental Technology
  • Virtual Product Development


  • Smart Production
  • Electric Mobility

Excellent professors and lecturers
  • Dr. Mirko Siegert - Teaching award winner 2023

Mirko Siegert, substitute professor in the field of Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering, was honored with the 2023 Teaching Award at Hochschule Bochum. His approachable and down-to-earth demeanor, along with his personal connection to students, endeared him to the student body. Recognizing the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr Siegert actively works to reduce distance in teaching and maintains a low threshold for student interaction. Having studied at Ruhr University Bochum himself, he meticulously prepares his lectures and adopts a hybrid teaching approach to accommodate diverse learning needs.

  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Eder - Teaching award winner 2021

Thomas Eder, Professor of Business Organization and Business Information Systems, received the 2021 Teaching Award. He places significant emphasis on communicative exchange, even in the realm of online semesters. Professor Eder ensures a sense of interpersonal closeness is maintained in digital interactions. Students appreciate his accessibility, open discussions, and the motivation he instills, encouraging them to persevere in their studies.

  • OStR Marion Werthebach M.A. - Teaching award winner 2020

Marion Werthebach, Language Teaching Specialist, was awarded the Teaching Prize in 2020. Her dedicated and versatile approach to knowledge transfer receives particular praise. Marion Werthebach values aspects of online teaching, including paperless instruction, diverse testing formats, and the seamless integration of elements from in-person teaching into the online environment.

  • Prof. Dr. Claudia Frohn-Schauf - Teaching award winner 2014

Claudia Frohn-Schauf, Professor of Mathematics, was honored with the 2014 Teaching Award for her friendly and composed demeanor. Students appreciate her unbiased treatment of all students, irrespective of gender. Professor Frohn-Schauf consistently shows interest in her students' academic success, fostering a positive learning environment and ensuring students feel supported.

  • Prof. Dr. Klaus Segtrop - Teaching award winner 2011

Klaus Segtrop, Professor of Materials Science, received the Teaching Award in 2011. His direct and practical teaching style brings seemingly dry subjects to life. The selection committee highlights his ability to connect academic content with everyday life, facilitating students' easy retention of a wealth of information. Klaus Segtrop's unique talent lies in making ostensibly dull topics engaging and relevant.

Research and practice orientated

Project - Gender & Diverse Robotics

Robotics is a cross-curricular and outstanding mechatronics system which, because of its flexibility, is suitable for interdisciplinary and inter-semester as well as team and project-oriented use.

Cargo Pedelec - Student project

The bike of the future was designed and developed by more than 30 students in the mechanical workshop at Bochum University of Applied Sciences.

The vehicle is designed to demonstrate the possibilities of lightweight electric mobility, using significantly fewer resources than conventional concepts. In particular, our alternative concept extends the bicycle with the basic capabilities of a car.

Cargo Pedelec

SolarCar - Student project

Initiated at the beginning of the millennium by Professor Friedbert Pautzke, the SolarCar project is considered a flagship project of Bochum University of Applied Sciences. The World Solar Challenge is held every two years in Australia.
With 50 to 60 members, the Bochum Solar Car Project is one of the largest solar car teams in the world.
Each project cycle lasts two years and is divided into different phases, from the planning of a new vehicle and the training of new team members to the completion and presentation of the new solar car.


SolarBuggy - Student project

The SolarBuggy project consists of a team of students at Bochum University of Applied Sciences. 
The team develops buggies that are able to cross a sandy desert using only solar energy. Its successes already include a SolarBuggy called "Open World", which was used to cross the Tanami Desert in Australia in 2015. 

Solar vehicles have been developed at Bochum University of Applied Sciences for 18 years. The aim is to build vehicles that draw their energy from the sun and not from polluting fossil fuels.


International orientation

A key aspect of the Department is its international orientation. Through intensive cooperation with our 18 partner universities abroad, students have the opportunity to complete a semester at a foreign university or an internship abroad and gain experience there. In addition, our co-operation with China, Mexico and India offers the opportunity to complete a double degree.

The IMEP - International Mechatronics Education Project enabled students to work closely with partner universities from Belgium and the Netherlands in the field of "Robotics and Vision".

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Close contact with companies

With a dual Mechatronics or Mechanical Engineering degree, students combine traditional technical vocational training (IHK or HWK) with a technical degree at Bochum University of Applied Sciences or the Velbert/Heiligenhaus campus. This gives students intensive contact with the company as a potential future employer.

Students who are not enrolled in a dual study programme at the Department of Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering have the opportunity to gain exposure to companies and make initial contacts through the many excursions offered during the semester.

The Department also participates in research, development and innovation projects with industrial companies. These include Bayer CS AG, ENEXIO GmbH, Invite GmbH and Stiertec GmbH.

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