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Sustainable mobility in urban areas

Since 2018, we at BObby Sharing have been researching novel mobility and energy services with the aim of developing solution strategies for sustainable mobility in urban areas. For this purpose, novel sharing services are developed, and their potentials are investigated. Electromobility has the potential to minimize traffic-related emissions, but this effect can only be achieved with regenerative energy supply. The energy supply is one key aspect for the sharing services. The replacement of discharged batteries plays a key role within sharing services. Often, the batteries or vehicles are charged at a central location and must be brought back to the locations of operation. The transport generates additional traffic, which strongly influences the degree of sustainability. The problems of energy supply and battery exchange form the basis of the project study and are used as a starting point for further questions: 

  • What sustainability contribution can alternative energy supply concepts make? 
  • With which business models can the energy supply concepts be realized economically? 
  • What changes in the mobility behaviour of users can be observed? 
  • How does the use of battery charging stations affect the service life of the respective batteries? 
  • How can novel payment systems for battery charging be implemented (e.g., blockchain technologies or software solutions)? 

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The topic of sustainable mobility may have aroused your curiosity, or you may be interested in working with BObby Sharing? Here we have created a short video for all interested parties, in which we explain the project and its contents in more detail. 

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