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Sustainable Technologies Laboratory

Welcome to the Sustainable Technologies Laboratory at Bochum University of Applied Sciences! Our laboratory is an innovative research centre that focuses on sustainable and forward-looking topics in the field of technology. Here we combine expertise and commitment to develop solutions for the challenges of a more sustainable future.

Our main research areas:

  • Life Cycle Engineering:
    We carry out sustainability analyses and assessments of product-service systems. We focus on understanding and improving the entire life cycle.
  • Mobility and energy supply concepts:
    We develop and analyse sustainable mobility and energy supply concepts. One particular focus of the mobility concepts is on light electric vehicles.
  • Decentralised, regenerative energy systems with green hydrogen technology:
    As a contribution to the energy transition, our aim is to research and promote self-sufficient and renewable energy systems. In particular, we are focussing on the use of green hydrogen.
  • Circular economy and eco-design:
    We deal with innovative approaches and methods of the circular economy and ecodesign. In this way, we want to make a contribution to reducing global resource consumption and waste volumes.
  • Educational concepts, digitalisation and international cooperation:
    Our commitment goes far beyond research. In order to achieve positive change, we also develop educational concepts, focus on digitalisation and promote international cooperation. The transfer between research and teaching plays a central role in all our projects. 

Our interdisciplinary team works in close cooperation with companies to ensure that our research can be utilised in practice. Through strategic collaborations with industrial partners, we integrate our research expertise and scientific findings into concrete applications and evaluate their effectiveness in practical environments. This practical orientation not only strengthens the connection to current challenges, but also promotes the seamless integration of sustainable technologies into the real world.

We are proud to contribute to shaping a sustainable and future-proof world. Through our interdisciplinary research and collaboration, we contribute to the development of sustainable technologies and concepts to minimise environmental impact and promote sustainable development. Find out more about our projects, browse through our publications or take a look at our job vacancies.


International cooperation for sustainable energy education

Meeting of the SEED consortium at Bochum University of Applied Sciences

SEED: Transnational Meeting Kozani

Exchange to promote vocational education in the field of sustainable energies

Annual review 2023 THALESruhr transfer project 2 "Micromobility and energy"

A brief overview of our activities in the first year of the THALESruhr transfer project 2

Semih Severengiz
Head of Department
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Semih Severengiz
Room: D 3-03

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