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Intensive courses

Do you want to get started quickly and immerse yourself intensively in the topics of idea development, innovation, and entrepreneurship?

Then one of our intensive programs is just right for you.


Are you interested in entrepreneurship? The desire to bring your own idea to life instead of pursuing a corporate career? Whether you already have your own ideas or are still searching, in the Start-up Bootcamp, you'll learn how to develop a business idea, build a prototype, and acquire your first customer without any initial capital investment.

What if it only takes you 4 days to turn your idea into reality?

Experienced and successful entrepreneurs will show you how.

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accelerator - the start-up qualification program

Do you want to kickstart your entrepreneurial idea?

In four months, you'll gain all the skills and knowledge you need for your start-up. You'll develop your idea into a market-ready product.

Our coaches and mentors will accompany you on your entrepreneurial journey: from idea validation, product development, sales, marketing, to financing, legal matters, and taxes – you'll receive in-depth knowledge from experienced professionals who will educate and inspire you. Participating in the accelerator program opens doors to the business world and the networks of the start-up ecosystem.

The entire program is free, and you can look forward to an exciting journey towards your own company

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Innovation lab

Innovation Workshop: Rapidly Develop, Validate, and Implement Ideas

Do you want to develop something new, learn something new? Do you have an exciting idea you'd like to bring to life? Our Innovation Workshop is for curious individuals who want to make something happen - for future intra and entrepreneurs, prospective founders, or employees. Whether you want to invent the next Facebook, revolutionize agriculture, improve the lives of people with disabilities through digitization, or you're just curious - sign up and immerse yourself in a creative environment where you'll be guided by experts and learn valuable tools and methods.

Participation Requirements: Affiliation with the Hochschule Bochum, Westfälische Hochschule, or Fachhochschule Dortmund - as a student, alumna, or employee. Participation is free, and a willingness to actively participate in all five sessions is required.

Dates & Location: 27.10., 10.11., 24.11., 08.12., 22.12.2023 - each from 10:00 - 14:00 Location: Trimonte Park, Wasserstr. 221, Entrance West, Floor 3, 44799 Bochum


Module 1: From Idea to Solution - Analysis and Customer-Centricity
Module 2: Project Management - Successfully Manage and Organize Projects
Module 3: Law, Taxes, and Financing - A Comprehensive Look at Legal and Financial Aspects
Module 4: Marketing, PR, and Sales - Attract Customers and Gain Visibility
Module 5: Presentation Techniques - Present Confidently and Persuasively

Module 1: From Idea to Solution - Analysis and Customer-Centricity

The first module focuses on a thorough examination of ideas.

If you don't have your own idea, you are welcome to join the other participants or work on one of our ideas. We will help you define your target audience precisely and identify their needs. Using the Lean Canvas, you will specify the business model and assess the viability of your idea. Through the application of Design Thinking, you will learn to focus on your customers and develop innovative solutions. You will develop creative approaches, create prototypes, and validate your assumptions through surveys.

Contents: Lean Start-up, Design Thinking, Customer-Centricity, Creativity Techniques, Problem Canvas, Idea Canvas, Storyboard, Problem Tree, Persona Design, Value Proposition Canvas, Sustainable Lean Canvas, Designing and Conducting Surveys

Module 2: Project Management - Successfully Manage and Organize Projects

In our project management module, you will learn why a structured project management method is crucial for the success of your projects. Whether you want to work in a company or pursue your own entrepreneurial idea, the right project management strategy is the key to effectively implementing your plans.

Why Do You Need Project Management?
Projects can be complex and challenging, whether they involve introducing a new product, optimizing processes, or developing an innovative business idea.

Project management provides the structure necessary to define your goals, allocate resources efficiently, minimize risks, and complete your projects on time and successfully. It allows you to keep track of the entire project process and react to potential challenges in a timely manner.

Different Project Management Methods
In our module, we will introduce various project management methods, including classical, agile, and hybrid approaches. You will learn the advantages and disadvantages of each method and understand how to choose the most suitable one for your specific projects. For example, agile methods are particularly suitable for innovative, fast-paced projects, while classical methods work well for structured, long-term projects. A hybrid approach can combine the benefits of both approaches and be tailored to your individual needs.

Develop Your Own Roadmap
In this module, you will be actively involved and develop your own roadmap for your projects. You will learn how to define your goals clearly, set the steps to achieve them, and plan and use resources effectively. We will introduce you to tools and techniques that support project control and help you track your progress.

Take the opportunity to acquire valuable knowledge in our project management module and set your projects on a successful course! Be part of it as we lay the foundations for successful project management together!

Module 3: Law, Taxes, and Financing - Everything You Need to Know for Your Projects and Your Company

In this module, we offer you a comprehensive overview of the important legal and financial aspects that need to be considered when starting and running a business, or when implementing projects and collaborations.

Law, Taxes, and Contract Law
In this part of the module, we will give you an insight into various forms of companies that allow you to choose the appropriate legal form for your business. We will examine the advantages and disadvantages of sole proprietorships, GmbHs, GbRs, and other forms so that you can make the optimal decision for your specific situation. You will also learn more about the most important legal aspects that you need to consider in your everyday business life, as well as the basics of contract law.

Financing - Personal Requirements and Approaching Capital Providers
Financing is a crucial factor for the success of your business. Together, we will shed light on the personal requirements you should bring as a founder to successfully finance your project. Furthermore, we will introduce you to various forms of financing, from equity to debt capital to government funding. You will learn how to plan and prepare your financing optimally to convince potential investors of your idea.

Fundamentals of Accounting - Keep an Eye on Your Finances
A solid financial accounting is essential for every company. In this part of the module, you will learn the basics of accounting. We will show you how to record and evaluate your finances correctly to ensure transparent and traceable business management. A sound understanding of accounting is important not only for you as a founder but also for potential investors and partners.

We look forward to providing you with the necessary knowledge in our "Law, Taxes, Contract Law, Financing" module to successfully manage your legal and financial matters. Seize this valuable opportunity to expand your entrepreneurial know-how.

Module 4: Marketing, PR, and Sales - Attract Customers and Gain Visibility

In this module, we focus on the crucial aspects that are central to the growth and visibility of your business. Effective marketing strategy, convincing sales, and successful PR are key to the success of your company or project within a company.

Marketing and Sales - Customer Targeting and Sales Types
In this part of the module, you will learn about different marketing strategies that will help you target your audience and successfully market your products or services. We will introduce various sales types and discuss which ones are best suited for your business. You will learn how to use your sales channels effectively to maximize your reach and increase your revenue.

PR - Successfully Appearing in the Press and Online Marketing Strategies
A crucial part of your corporate communication is public relations (PR). We will show you how to develop a successful PR strategy and communicate professionally with the media. You will learn how to develop stories and topics that are of interest to the press and how to place your company or products in the media.

Successful online marketing strategies are essential for any business today. In our module, you will learn how to strengthen your online presence and effectively reach your target audience through digital channels. We will introduce you to important online marketing tools, such as search engine optimization (SEO) and online advertising, and show you how to use them successfully to make your business known and increase your reach.

Take the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the necessary know-how in our "Marketing, PR, and Sales" module to optimize your marketing and sales strategy and successfully position your business in the market. You will receive valuable tips and practical exercises to help you attract customers and increase your reach.

Module 5: Presentation Techniques - Present Confidently and Persuasively

In this module, everything revolves around the art of convincing presentation. Whether you want to convince your superiors of your idea, win potential customers, or showcase your company in the best light - here, you will learn the skills that will make you a successful communicator.

Pitch Types and Creating a Convincing Pitch Deck
We will introduce you to various types of pitches and show you how to present your message best depending on your target audience and occasion. From the elevator pitch to product presentation to investor pitch - you will learn how to communicate your content clearly and concisely. Additionally, we will collaboratively develop a convincing pitch deck that includes all essential information and excites your audience.

Presentation Techniques - Present Confidently and Authentically
A successful presentation is not only about content but also about how it is delivered. In this part of the module, you will learn essential presentation techniques to appear confident, authentic, and persuasive. You will discover how to use your voice, body language, and gestures effectively to convey your messages and captivate your audience.

Creating an Image Film - Evoke Emotions and Showcase Yourself and/or Your Company in the Spotlight
An image film is a powerful tool to showcase your company, products, or services and build an emotional connection with your target audience. In our module, you will learn how to create an appealing and professional image film. We will guide you through essential steps, from conception and shooting planning to editing and publishing. Here, you can unleash your creative side and visually bring your story to life.

Seize the opportunity to be introduced to the art of successful presentation in our "Presentation Techniques, Pitch, and Creating an Image Film" module.


The Innovation Workshop consists of workshops that build upon each other, allowing you to acquire or deepen all the skills and knowledge needed for a successful and fast start.

You can also participate in additional workshops and events. The overview can be found on our website under: Events & Dates.

Certificate of Participation:

For the issuance of a certificate of participation, active participation in 90% of the workshops is required.

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