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Learning outcomes / competences

Based on Newtonian mechanics, students learn about fundamental concepts of engineering mechanics, including "impressed forces" vs. "reaction forces", "statically determinate" vs. "statically indeterminate" and "conservative" vs. "dissipative". The focus is on the creation of free-cut sketches and the formulation and evaluation of the associated static and kinetic balance equations.


  •     Stereostatics (force, moment, centre of gravity, adhesion/friction)
  •     Elastostatics (stress, strain, 1st and 2nd order moments of area)
  •     Kinematic and kinetic description
  •     Analysis of plane motion

Teaching methods

Lecture, exercise

Prerequisites for participation


Forms of examination

Partial examinations in the form of written examinations (120 min. each) or oral examinations (30-60 min.) after the respective semesters

The lecture materials can be found in the Moodle learning rooms of the institute.