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General Information on University and Programme Transfer

Students who began their studies at a different university and wish to transfer to our university, or internal students who wish to transfer to a different programme of study, may apply for admission to a higher semester in their chosen subject.

University transfer students and students switching programmes internally must apply through the online application portal.

  • If you are a university transfer student, please create a new account in our application portal.
  • If you want to transfer to a different programme of study, please login via the self-service function and apply through “Studienangebot”.

Admissions and placement decisions are made based on the credit points you have earned so far. After your enrolment, you may request to have individual course credits transferred to the new programme; the decision is made by the chairperson of the respective examination board.

To be admitted to the 2nd semester, for example, a minimum of 30 ECTS credits must be eligible for transfer. The placement decision is made exclusively based on credit points already documented at the time of your application.

Students applying for summer semester admission can only be placed in even semesters (2, 4, etc.), whereas winter semester admission candidates can only be placed in odd semesters (3, 5, etc.)!


  • Transfer students entering the programme in business management may be placed in all higher semesters regardless of whether they are admitted in the summer or winter semester.
  • In the part-time programme in business management (“Verbundstudium”), transfer students applying for summer semester admission may only be placed in odd semesters and only in even semesters for winter semester admission.

Students applying for a university or internal transfer to Campus Velbert/Heiligenhaus should contact the Student Office at Velbert/Heiligenhaus directly.

Internal transfer to a different programme in the first semester?

If you are already enrolled at UAS_BO, you are welcome to apply for admission to a different degree programme using the self-service function under “Studienangebot”. To apply to programmes with admissions restrictions, you still need to register at If you receive an admissions offer via Hochschulstart and accept that offer, you still need to enrol online on time and submit the required documentation on time.

Regarding any required documents that may still have to be submitted, please contact the team Application/Enrolment.

If you wish to transfer to a programme without admissions restrictions, please enrol online and send us the enrolment application (“Antrag auf Immatrikulation”), including any required additional documents, via the application portal.

These documents must be uploaded for the online transfer application:

  • Transcript of records
  • Module descriptions (only required if you are transferring from a different university, not for internal transfers)
  • Applicants with a foreign university entrance qualification: Transcripts must be uploaded in the original language and in German translation.

Application deadlines