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Research and Transfer

The interdepartmental Interdisciplinary Institute for "Applied Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Ruhr" (AKIS) has as a special feature its broad and interdisciplinary character. With Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Geodesy, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Economics as well as Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering, almost all departments are involved. AKIS has the task of advancing the topics of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data science at the HS-Bochum and to serve as a nucleus for innovation and transfer of research results into practice. Thus, in addition to research in the above-mentioned core topics, the goal is application to other disciplines. In this regard, we are happy to cooperate with the regional economy, civil society and public institutions, among others, within the framework of funded research and development projects of the federal and state ministries, the EU as well as within the framework of economic projects.


Research Topics and Application Ranges

In the context of the profile of the Bochum University of Applied Sciences, we attach particular importance to aspects of sustainability and focus on topics such as Green AI, Trustworthy AI, Intelligent Mobility, Resource Efficiency in Production and the applications in the field of Environmental Technology and Protection. Below you will find information on the individual areas as well as conducted and ongoing research projects. Information regarding PhD opportunities can be found under Teaching and Training.



Prof. Dr. Jörg Frochte (Institute Director)
University of Applied Sciences Bochum
Campus Velbert/Heiligenhaus - Room 2.43
AG Applied Computer Science
Kettwiger Str. 20
42579 Heiligenhaus

E-Mail: joerg.frochte (at)
Phone: +49 (0)2056 5848-16711

Implemented and Ongoing Projects

SharKI-C (03/2021 - 03/2024)

Shared Tasks as an innovative approach to implementing AI and Big Data-based applications in the higher education landscape:
With SharKI, we are developing a shared task platform to enable instructors to implement, execute, and assess shared tasks in courses using AI. Intergated is the aspect of educationan data mining. Primary targets at HS BO are robotics and control engineering.

  • Project leader: Prof. Jörg Frochte
  • Sponsor: BMBF Call 2873
  • Volume (in €): 166.545
  • Cooperation partners: Uni Leipzig, Uni Weimar

SUBMOMAL (05/2020 - 04/2023)

Substitution of deterministic models for the description of space-time-variant processes using machine learning methods: Development of AI methods for data-based modeling of hydrological processes.

  • Project leader: Prof. Andreas Wytzisk-Arens
  • Sponsor: Internal funding
  • Volume (in €): 80.000
  • Cooperation partners: TU Dresden, Bochum University of Applied Sciences (FB B)

TIMALIE (03/2019 - 05/2022)

TIered MAchine Learning ArchItEctures: Development of New Methods and Processes in Machine Learning with Special Consideration of Privacy and Data Security

  • Project leader: Prof. Jörg Frochte
  • Sponsor: EFRE (EU & NRW)
  • Volume (in €): 538.310
  • Cooperation partners: University of Wuppertal, various industrial partners

BeeStatistics (2019 - 2021)

Bee Statistics develops data-driven policy advice based on statistical and machine-learned data analysis. For more information, visit

  • Project leader/mentor: Prof. Henrik Blunck
  • Sponsor: EFRE (NRW Startup funding line)
  • Volume (in €): Total from Bochum University of Applied Sciences 235,000 euros
  • Cooperation partner: Political Science RUB, Prof. Dr. Bovermann

Intuitives CAD (02/2019 - 12/2021)

Innovative operating concepts in Computer Aided Design (CAD) based on gaming technologies: The project deals with the development of a novel software for intuitive design of CAD solutions in the field of architecture.

  • Project leader: Prof. Stefan Müller-Schneiders (subproject AI)
  • Sponsor: EFRE (EU & NRW)
  • Volume (in €): 487.176,50
  • Cooperation partners: Maximago GmbH, W Kubik GmbH

OPA-TAD (2017 - 2020)

A research project to develop a platform and tools to standardize and simplify the provision of (mobility) data and its analysis. Further information at

  • Project leader: Prof. Henrik Blunck
  • Sponsor: BMBV (mFund funding line)
  • Volume (in €): 670.00 Euro, share of HS BO: 229.000 Euro
  • Cooperation partners: BO-I-T (Bochum Institute of Technology), Old World Computing GmbH, SECUNET Security Networks AGV

FR/ 3916/1-1 (12/2016 - 01/2017)

Establishing international collaborations: Initialization of a cooperation in the field of machine learning / AI with Prof. Marsland (New Zealand).

  • Project leader: Prof. Jörg Frochte
  • Sponsor: DFG
  • Volume (in €): 5.900
  • Cooperation partner: Massey University (New Zealand)

DIBS (11/2015 - 04/2016)

Data mining for student advising: Educational Data Mining on University Databases for Academic Advising and Quality Optimization.

  • Project leader: Prof. Jörg Frochte
  • Sponsor: Ministry of Education and Science of the State of NRW
  • Volume (in €): 38.850
  • Cooperation partner: /