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Getting Started

Anaconda for Data Science and Machine Learning

Mambaforge is a minimal Python distribution with the open source package manager Mamba and Conda-Forge as default repository. Mamba is a compatible but faster alternative to Conda. The Conda-Forge repository is maintained as a community project and contains always up-to-date packages for Machine Learning and Data Science, allowing developers and Data Scientists to easily develop, test and deploy their applications and algorithms. The platform offers a comprehensive collection of tools and libraries for data analysis, such as NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib and Jupyter Notebook.

Here you can find the installation guide created by Christof Kaufmann (in German) (Windows | Linux).


Jupyter Notebook & Google Colab

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CARLA Simulator for Autonomous Driving

Carla's flexibly configurable environment makes it very attractive, for example, different Driving environments (city, village, etc.), weather conditions (clear noon, cloudy noon, wet cloudy noon, medium rain noon, heavy rain noon) or even vehicle lightings (Parking light, low/high beam, brake light, right/left turn signals, interior light) can be setup. Furthermore, in addition to vehicles, Carla also features numerous traffic participants such as pedestrians, vehicle sensors, traffic signs, traffic lights and much more, which make it an impressively realistic tool.

Here you can find the installation guide created by Basile Tousside (German | English).


Webots for Autonomous Robots and UAVs

Webots is an open-source robot simulator used for simulating and testing robots. It supports a variety of robot platforms and protocols and allows users to create virtual environments and test robots in them. Webots also provides an intuitive graphical user interface and a programming interface that allows users to develop and test their own controllers and control systems.

Webots is currently being used, for example, for an assignment as part of the SharKI project. In the assignment, students are given a simulated maze with moving obstacles and are asked to implement an algorithm that plans a path through the maze.

Click here to download Webots. For guidance, visit the Webots Guided Tour in the Help menu of Webots.


Overleaf - Collaborative writing with LaTeX

Go here for Overleaf:
For technical questions about the account or functionality: support(at)

Labs and Makerspaces

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Databases and Management

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