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Battery Swapping Station

Battery Swapping Station

With the help of the funding program "FH BASIS 2018", the project team Bobby-E-Scooter Sharing can investigate smart battery charging and swapping system concepts with sustainable sharing applications in the field of e-mobility.

For this purpose, the project team has chosen the battery changing station of the company Swobbee and is using it to test new possibilities of energy supply for Light Electric Vehicles (LEV). The station is located on the west side of the D3 building. It has six compartments for Kumpan scooter batteries and two compartments for Greenpack batteries. The station also provides sharing service users with a quick and convenient way to continue their ride when their batteries are empty.

Currently, users identify themselves via a customer card at the battery swapping station, select the type of battery they need, and then deposit their empty battery in a free compartment. Afterwards, a fully charged battery can be withdrawn. In the future, solutions will be developed to access the battery exchange station with the help of an app and to implement demand-based billing of energy consumption using blockchain technology.

Funded by the FH-Basis program of the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (funding code: 005-1810-0007).


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