Viele Persönlichkeiten. Zwei Standorte. Eine BO.

DAAD Rise Praktikantin aus den USA

Kelly Zhang, Studierende der University Chicago, verbrachte zwei Monate an der HS Bochum, finanziert durch das DAAD Rise Programm

Kelly Zhang in the International Office Bochum

"I was a DAAD RISE intern at the Hochschule's Sustainable Technologies Laboratory. It was my first in-person work experience and first time in Germany. I explored Bochum plus its dinosaurs and was lucky to visit during the city's 700th year and the Hochschule's 50th. On weekends, I visited cities and villages across the country. And I am currently missing the convenience and reliability of German transportation and perpetually dreaming of Brezelbrötchen. My strongest impression of Germany is its sustainable culture: reusable bags, nationwide recycling, widespread biking, and electric and renewably powered transportation systems. Having been abroad before, I found this experience especially transformative as it was my first time living abroad independently for an extended period and my first time not understanding the main spoken language. Since returning home, I have more seriously considered post-graduation plans in Germany, and I look forward to returning someday. Danke, Deutschland and the Hochschule's International Office for welcoming and befriending me."