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MOVE | Petroleum Experts Limited is providing educational and academic licences of MOVE Software Suite to Hochschule Bochum

Prof. Saenger is grateful for the donation of Petroleum Experts Limited (Petex), providing free of charge access to 10 MOVE suite licences for educational and academic purposes. Petex has donated the equivalent of £1,872,218.26.

Starting in May 2019, the MOVE suite will be used in order to support the development of top-class international students in geology, geophysics, and reservoir engineering at Bochum University of Applied Sciences (BO). Among others, the MOVE suite shall be used in the Master lecture course on „Reservoir Engineering“ for geomechanical modelling of fault zone structures and stress analysis.

Within a recently started application-oriented research and development project (known under the acronym 3D-RuhrMarie), the MOVE suite will be integrated to develop a three-dimensional structural-geological model of the Ruhr area in Germany. Bachelor, Master, PhD students, and postdoctoral researchers (i.e. early career scientists) will use MOVE to merge structural geological and seismotectonic information from geological maps and profiles, borehole geophysical measurements, local 3D underground models, and documentations of pre-existing layers and fault orientations into a combined 3D underground model.