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Good Leadership and Leadership Skills (1. Semester: 4 SWS - Master -)

Meetings in the virtual classroom (video conference)

  • 20.10.2020, 16:00 Kick Off
  • 03.11.2020, 16:00 Talking about the teaching concept
  • 15.12.2020, 16:00 Talking about the Model for Good Management (Chapter 3)
  • 19.01.2020, 16:00 We will clarify final formal questions about your exam performance (written exam)

To receive the access data for the virtual classroom (video conference), please send me an email.


Due to the corona pandemic, the course is designed as a self-study course this semester. You can find the recommended timetable in the table below. The date indicates the day on which you should have completed the lesson. The files are created during the semester and are usually published on this page 1 week before the date given.

For this course you need the book "Fair Management - How to Stop Ruling and Start Leading". The book is in preparation and will be published in February 2021 at the earliest. Here you can download a preliminary version in pdf format. Please inform the author of any errors or unfortunate wording.

Before you start working on a lesson, read the text in the book carefully.

Each lesson begins with supplementary material for further study. This can be text, illustrations, videos or audio files. Unless these materials are marked "optional", they are relevant to the exam.

After the consolidation, you will begin to answer the questions. Each question is followed by a slide with the respective solution. A question is only considered to have been answered correctly, and this also applies to the exam, if all check marks are placed correctly.

If you have any difficulties in working out the material, please do not hesitate to take advantage of the telephone consultation hour or send an e-mail.


until Lesson
27.10.2020 01: Dedicated employees?
03.11.2020 02: Questionable values in business studies
10.11.2020 03: Developing a model for good management - part 1 -
17.11.2020 04: Developing a model for good management - part 2 -
24.11.2020 05: Guidelines of good management
01.12.2020 06: Tasks of good management
08.12.2020 07: Instruments of good management - part 1 -
15.12.2020 08: Instruments of good management - part 2 -
22.12.2020 09: Good management is also a question of decency
12.01.2021 10: Modern management concepts from the perspective of good leadership (With the file text10new.pdf the error in fig. 14 was corrected.)
19.01.2021 11: Case studies of good management - part 1 -
26.01.2021 12: Case studies of good management - part 2 -
28.02.2021 00: Homework 2020/21. Please submit your solution as an examination paper. The password is the same as the one you need to open the texts. You will find all further information in the download under 00_Homework_2020.pdf.

Required reading:

Siebenbrock, Heinz: Fair Management - How to Stop Ruling and Start Leading, Baden-Baden 2021

You can also order free of shipping costs directly from the publisher (Nomos/Tectum Baden-Baden).

The texts in the download area are encrypted. For copyright reasons you are not allowed to pass on the text and the password to other persons or institutions.


Written exam (120min).