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Good Leadership and Leadership Skills (1. Semester: 4 SWS - Master -)

This semester, we are unfortunately starting with online-courses.

Our kick-off meeting will take place on 17.3.2022 at 16:00.

If events have to be held as video conferences due to Corona, we will meet here:

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This course is not a lecture in the classical sense. Rather, you are asked to read the material and check with the help of the lessons whether you have understood everything.

For this course you need the book "Fair Management - How to Stop Ruling and Start Leading". The book was published in February 2021.

You can find the recommended timetable in the table below. The date indicates the day on which you should have completed the lesson. The lessons correspond to the chapter headings in the book. The column "pages" contains the corresponding page numbers. The pdf-files "LessonXX.pdf" (see right side) are created during the semester and are usually published on this page 1 week before the date given.

Before you start working on a lesson, read the text in the book carefully.

Each lesson begins with supplementary material for further study. This can be text, illustrations, videos or audio files. Unless these materials are marked "optional", they are relevant to the exam.

After the consolidation, we will begin to answer the questions. A question is only considered to have been answered correctly, and this also applies to the exam, if all check marks are placed correctly.

If you have any difficulties in working out the material, please do not hesitate to take advantage of the telephone consultation hour or send an e-mail.


until Lesson pages
24.3.2022 01: Dedicated employees? 1 - 10
*31.3.2022 02: Questionable values in business studies 11 - 32
*31.3.2022 03: Developing a model for good management - part 1 - 33 - 39
7.4.2022 04: Developing a model for good management - part 2 - 40 - 72
14.4.2022 05: Guidelines of good management 73 - 94
*21.4.2022 06: Tasks of good management 95 - 111
28.4.2022 07: Instruments of good management - part 1 - 112 - 139
*5.5.2022 08: Instruments of good management - part 2 - 140 - 162
12.5..2022 09: Good management is also a question of decency 163 - 214
*2.6.2022 10: Modern management concepts from the perspective of good leadership 215 - 262
*9.6.2022 11: Case studies of good management - part 1 - 263 - 280
*23.6..2022 12: Case studies of good management - part 2 - // The hope of political support for fair management 281 - 298
* Presence required    

Required reading:

Siebenbrock, Heinz: Fair Management - How to Stop Ruling and Start Leading, Baden-Baden 2021

You can also order free of shipping costs directly from the publisher (Nomos/Tectum Baden-Baden):

Contemporary personnel management is faced with a number of challenges as work becomes increasingly digital and more flexible in terms of time. ‘New Work’, ‘agile management’ and a genuine culture of dealing with errors have revolutionised personnel management. What becomes especially apparent in this respect is that managers can foster their employees’ commitment to work through their management style.
In this book, Heinz Siebenbrock presents a management model based on trust in and appreciation of employees, which encourages their initiative and enables managers to be both fair and successful in their work. By connecting the model to current concepts of management and by presenting a series of case studies, the author demonstrates how managers can develop their own ethical style of management.

Heinz Siebenbrock is Professor of Economics at Bochum University of Applied Sciences. As a management consultant, he offers practical seminars not just aimed at managers on leadership, strategy and organisation. Siebenbrock is the author of numerous publications on Business Studies.


Examination: 50% written exam, 50% voluntary group presentation or 100% written exam. Each group consists of 3 students. The voluntary presentation should contain an exciting topic from the field of leadership: For example, an interesting leader, good leadership theory, etc. The list of recommended books for the presentation can be found on the right under "Downloads". Please also use this folder to post the file of your presentation: You will receive the password in the presence or online event.