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Incoming Students

We welcome international undergraduate (Bachelor) and postgraduate students (Master) to the Department of Business and Management.

Information about our course offer can be found on this website. Further information about the nomination and application process can be found here.




Visiting postgraduate students usually opt for the Master in "International Management". All available courses of the master programme can be chosen. For students who have not achieved at least a B1 level in German we offer a wide range of courses in English (all worth 6 ECTS):

Winter Semester (September-February)

Summer Semester (March-August)

The following courses open both in Winter and Summer Semester

Further courses may be available occasionally.   More information can be found here.

Please note that visiting postgraduate student are NOT allowed to choose courses from the bachelor programmes.

We also have bilateral agreements in place with several of our partner universities which permit us to offer a double degree programme (please inquire at your home university for availability and requirements). Double degree students (Mater International Management) need to follow the programme below.

German Language Courses

We feel that learning the German language is a vital component of a semester/year abroad as it facilitates integration into everyday life. For this purpose we offer German language courses at all levels (4 ECTS), which take place during the regular semester.

For students who already have a solid grasp of German, we offer the opportunity to expand their knowledge with the following specific purpose courses (B1 level or higher, 6 ECTS, course offer is subject to the participation of at least 5 students):

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